Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the UAE that is known as a must-visit destination for tourists from all across the world. In Dubai, there is always something happening. The city undergoes constant construction to add bigger and better structures to magnetize tourists to the world of unexpected luxuries and dreamy attractions. Dubai’s multicultural atmosphere, shopping festivals, beaches, resorts, five star hotels, bars, and restaurants are worth seeing. Due to this reason, the number of the investors and tourists in Dubai is increasing steadily.

The major issue that tourists face is the arrangement of transport for visiting the best destinations. Dubai offers the best transport facility to the tourists, especially the Metro stations in Dubai provides a fantastic opportunity to the tourists to get off the bus at any stop and catch another one from there for further travelling. Besides that, Dubai hotels offer mind blowing luxuries at much economical rates to the tourists.

Shopping, Camping and Adventure

If you are planning to visit Dubai any time soon then here is a list of things you can do while you’re in the city.


Dubai is known as a shopper’s paradise due to the plethora of shopping malls containing exotic treasures imported from all over the world. The Mall of Emirates, Dubai City centre, Ibn Battuta mall, Grand city Mall, Jumeirah plaza, Wafi Mall, and Lamcy plaza are some top class malls that are the real beauty of the city. Especially the Dubai Gold Souk is a must-see mall with such a huge glittering display of gold that spells magic even at a single glance.


Though Europe has more camping sites but Dubai also holds many locations where tourists can enjoy nature by spending most of their time outdoors. Though, along the way to Hatta, there are many camping possibilities in the sand dunes, yet the best camping location remains the beach at Jebel Ali. If you are looking to camp at the beach side, you need to take permission from the Dubai municipality before setting up your camp. Do checkout the weather forecasts to avoid sand storms and rainfall.


If you are an adventurous person, Dubai will never disappoint you with respect to unique adventure themed packages that are hard to find anywhere else. Dubai Autodrome, Skii Dubai and Dubai play lands offer opportunities to experience thrill and adventure in a unique way. Especially an adventure in “The Desert Safari” gives the feeling of true adventure in the Arab world. It offers an adrenaline rush to tourists through its thrilling ride in 4-wheel vehicles, attempting to conquer sand dunes. Moreover, Desert Safari welcomes tourists through its adventurous camel rides, Arabian meals, and belly dancing. Moreover, water sports options like scuba diving lasso thousands of divers who wish to take in the precious marine life along the beaches of the city.