Experience magic locations in an air adventure of your choosing

Hot air ballooning, skydiving or experiencing Grand Canyon helicopter tours, might all just be experiences that are on your ‘must-do’ list if you are one of those who truly love a thrill with adventures by air.

Depending on the level of excitement you’re after, you can go to extreme level, or keep it strictly relaxing and scenic.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Experiencing the Grand Canyon, or a similar grand landscape is unmatched in the views you will get in a chopper. If you’re after something a little bit different you can even take helicopter tours over live volcanoes!

  • Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
  • Hawaii Helicopter Tours
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tours
  • Volcano Helicopter Tours
  • New York Helicopter Tours


A tandem skydive is the ultimate adrenalin rush, and now you can even experience indoor skydiving in the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas. A great way to remember your trip to Vegas.

Hot Air Ballooning

Gently cruise over scenic landscapes, or go on safari enjoying the African planes by balloon. Hot air ballooning is available in many capital cities, it is a popular activity in winery areas, particularly for honeymooners.

Experience magic locations in an air adventure of your choosing


Aerobatic / Scenic / Joy Flights

Whether you have a penchant for small planes, or just want to experience a unique location in a new way, a scenic or joy flight is the way to go. For adventurers of all levels, it can be relaxing and scenic or heart-pumping – you decide!

Other Air Adventures

More and more people are wanting to visit places, previously unexplored, and chartering a chopper or small aeroplane is the way get to those out of the way places and truly escape the crowds.

If you’ve got a group ready for a fishing or hunting trip you can fly in and fly out, with however many days you need of uninterrupted wildlife and nature in between.

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