You’ve spent months saving and planning for your dream vacation. However, you may have forgotten the most important factor in a fun and memorable trip: staying healthy. What’s the use of crafting an ideal itinerary or researching on the best restaurants in the area when you’re feeling too sick to get out of the hotel bed?

That’s why it’s so important to prepare your body and your health for the vacation. A trip can be physically demanding, and a long plane ride and sudden change in climate can also give your body a shock. These tips can help you give you that healthy boost and steady surge of energy.

Stay Healthy while traveling

Five Ways To Keep Your Health While Traveling

 Boost your immune system.It’s important to manage our stress levels and give our bodies the proper nutrition and sleep so that we aren’t susceptible to colds and fevers. Take your vitamins and eat properly, and if you start feeling under the weather, take vitamin C and ease up on your schedule so that you can be totally rested by the time that you leave. Since stress can affect your immune system, plan in such a way that you have everything you need for your trip and have tied any loose strings at least 2 days before you leave.

Minimize the effects of jet lag. Some people can really hit by jet lag. Some of the best tips from frequent travelers is to drink lots of water and stick to food that is easy to digest. Avoid coffee or alcohol, which are diuretics that will only lead to fluid loss. Taking smaller, lighter meals can also help ease or prevent discomfort. Sleep as much as you can during the flight, and when you reach your destination, go out for a walk–the exercise will help. Help your body adjust to the new time zone by exposing yourself to sunlight and getting lots of fresh air.

Be careful about the water you drink. Even if you are going to a first world country or a cosmopolitan city, you’re still at risk for drinking contaminated water. There are different bacteria strains and since your body and immune system is already under strain because of jet lag you shouldn’t risk the possibility of being exposed. Stay on the safe side and just  drink sealed bottled water or order juice or sodas. Avoid ice as well because it may have also been made from tap water.

Pace yourself.Resist the temptation of going to as many places as you can and then pushing yourself to stay longer or walk further than you know you are comfortable with. If you overexert yourself today you may not be able to enjoy the next day’s activities. Rest between activities–you can do this by scheduling a quiet and relaxing activity (like visiting a beautiful park or enjoying the pastries in a local café) after a very tiring activity.

 Know where to find medical attention. One of the first things you should do when you arrive is to ask where the nearest clinic or pharmacy is. When you feel you’re about to get sick, then be proactive and see a doctor or buy over the counter medicine. If you feel really sick and you can’t even get out of the hotel bed or serviced apartment, call the receptionist or manager and ask for them to send for a doctor.

Derek Gallimore is a travel expert who provides luxury serviced apartments to travelers through his website Boutique London Lets. photo credit: colorblindPICASO

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