Of course, you can’t avoid the trips to chocolate production centers and sweet shops, while visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania. Although, if you can ply yourself away, you should explore the outdoors. Just 10 minutes outside of Hershey is a series of cavens which have left so many captivated. You should join those many adventurers and make your way to Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

Embedded in the history of the indigenous Susquehannock Indians, these caverns provided safety from the early to mid 1600s. After being vacated by the natives, they became occupied and possessed by French hunters within the 17th century. Once they caught all the fur they could get, they vacated, leaving the cavens available for an old hermit to habit for 19 years. Once the hermit decided to come out of his shell, the caves were opened to the general public. And thankfully it has remained that way; a public attraction to satisfy the interests of many.

As you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a statue of a Susquehannock Indian known as Chief Kumsee,leading the way to the ticket outlet. Tickets for explorations of the caves are sold from a gift shop. And once you purchase your tickets, you can entertain yourself and the kids with sideline activities while you wait. You’ll find a station where you’ll be able to look for gemstones, as well as a little petting zoo to certainly occupy you as you wait for your turn to tour.

The caves are 440 million years old and full of twists, turns stalactites and stalagmites. The 45-minute tour takes you through the caverns while the escort recounts the histories of all the areas. You’ll see an Indian Ballroom, a tunnel in pitch darkness plus a Wedding Chapel, which is a narrow cavern with large, glistening formations which remarkably similar to a wedding cake. Approximately 40 weddings have taken place at this spot.

When the tour finishes up, you will be lead back to the great opening from which you came. It’s notable for its majesty, not only due to its geological formations which are incredible, but because it’s some of the oldest ground on the earth. Dinosaurs at some pointed roamed above these caves. And not only is it interesting to know that these caves are older than dinosaurs, they are fun to climb through. The main point to consider, is to shod your feet in sturdy footwear and watch for puddles. When you’re on holiday and as you are in the area of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, don’t forget to keep in mind that there are likely to be many diverse choices for places to stay, which include hotels, motor inns, bed breakfasts Car Hire and including astonishing Bluegreen resort alternatives offered from the Bluegreen corporation.

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