Lake Burley Griffin

Canberra, the city that lies between Sydney and Melbourne, is hidden away in the state of ACT (Australian Capital Territory). Canberra is full of cultural treasures, attractions and activities, there are many top rated tourist attractions for locals and tourists alike.

This laidback city is especially packed full of museums, galleries and historic culture that anyone seeking to learn more about the history of Australia within a relaxed environments is worth to check out.

Here are the top 10 rated tourist attractions in Canberra

1. Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley GriffinImage: Flickr (Percita)

At the centre of Canberra lies the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin. The artificial lake serves as a great place to stroll, bike, fish, paddle and even enjoy a picnic among, however no swimming is allowed.

This unique lake has 6 islands in the centre and is stunning any time of the year. Make sure to checkout the Carillon tower that resides on one of the islands, this unique structure was a gift from the BRitish Government. Going on the outskirts of the lake, there are popular attractions and activities of Canberra.

2. Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial

Image: Wiki CC (Bidgee)

Commemorating the heroes of World War 2, this war memorial acts as a museum, gallery and library, educating those about the historic event that took place. It is a great place for a family outing that will provoke thought and emotion.

There are interactive displays for even the kids to enjoy, this landmark and attraction would take a few hours to explore and appreciate this memorial. There is also a free 90-minute tour available.

3. New Parliament House

New Parliament House

Image: Wiki CC (JJ Harrison)

For those visiting Canberra for the first time, The New Parliament House is always a great place to stop by for a few hours. The unique and modern design lets visitors admire how modern architecture has evolved. With the expansive green walkway that goes up and along the roof, visitors get an awe-inspiring view of Canberra.

Inside the building, there are galleries and exhibits which display important events and documents. There are also free guided tours available here as well.

4. Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House

Image: Wiki CC (JJ Harrison)

Since the addition of New Parliament House, the Old Parliament House became a Museum of Australian Democracy. Within walking distance from each building, this particular building has a classical style design where visitors are encouraged to learn about the past Australian Prime Ministers.

Guests can waltz and sit inside the old office as well as visit the press room and read historic documents. There is a small fee to pay to enter this landmark, and there is also free guided tours.

5. The National Science & Technology Centre – Questacon

The National Science & Technology Centre - Questacon

Image: Wiki CC (Chetvorno)

An ultimate experience for the kids and adults alike, this centre is highly recommended. There is plenty to see and do, with interactive activities and gadgets it lets the imagination wander while you explore each exhibit. This centre would take up easily a few hours to explore.

The exhibits are to promote understanding of the importance of science and technology, to hopefully inspire and motivate individuals. There is a reasonable admission price, more information here.

6. Mount Ainslie Lookout

Mount Ainslie Lookout

Image: Wiki CC (GregTheBusker)

A stunning spot that is easy to get to and is the most popular vantage point in Canberra. For those that don’t want an overly extensive hike for a superb view, this is the lookout to go to.

It doesn’t require a long drive nor a very long walk, this moderate walk gives a superb view of the sunrise and sunset over Canberra, clearly seeing the Parliament House and other notable attractions.

7. Australian National Botanic Gardens

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Image: Wiki CC (John O’Neil)

Covering over 50 hectares, the National Botanical Gardens has a collection to be stunned by. The Gardens are full of exotic and native flora as well as fauna. Keep an eye out for stunning butterflies as well as the scaley water dragons.

Admission is free and is great for a nice sunny day out to enjoy a stroll or picnic. So bring your own lunch or enjoy a nibble from the popular cafe and explore the many great exhibits. Some noteworthy sections are the rainforest and endangered section.

8. National Zoo & Aquarium

National Zoo & Aquarium

Image: Wiki CC (Snowmanradio)

Get up close and personal with some of the world’s most popular animals. There are Rhinos, Lions, Tigers, and monkeys to large tanks inhibiting sharks, and saltwater fish. This attraction is constantly growing and serves as a great family activity, especially for the kids.

And if that is not all, you can also visit the Reptile Zoo to see some of the largest and deadliest reptiles in Australia.

9. Cool-Climate Wineries

Cool-Climate WineriesImage: Pixabay (Didgeman)

Canberra is also notable for winemaking, and with over 140 vineyards around the capital this region is popular for its riesling, pinot noir, merlot, shiraz and chardonnay. These wineries serve as great day trips offering not only fabulous wines, but food to match.

10. Big Splash Waterpark

Image: Pixabay (anthony4370)

With the closest beach being 2 hours away, Canberra needs its own water activity attraction. Open during summer, this water wonderland is for those that want to cool off during the heat. There are slides and pools that can keep you busy all day.

Either get a rush or laze about and float along. There are also kid zones and kiosks nearby. It is a great water park near the CBD to spend some time with the family.

Other notable attractions are the National Gallery of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, National Library of Australia, National Museum of Australia, and Black Mountain Reserve.

There are many top rated tourist attractions in Canberra that visitors can explore, so enjoy the day with some the great attractions and dance, drink and dine the night away at some of the most popular clubs, pubs and hotels Canberra has to offer.