6 Abandoned Towns of the World

Tyneham Church

Tyneham, Dorset

Tyneham’s catchphrase is “where time stopped in 1943″, which is when it was seized by the government to prepare for D-Day landings. The unlucky residents were given a mere 28 days to pack up their stuff and shift it, and unlike residents from other requisitioned areas, they were never allowed to return.

For travellers who enjoy a bit of doom and gloom, the abandoned houses…

Weird Ways to Spend Christmas


Christmas in Japan involves spending the holidays in a place where marketers around the country sit at their desks laughing with glee at their unlikely success.

Statues of Colonel Sanders up and down the country get decked out from around November in full Santa get-up, and signs start appearing suggesting you should reserve a table now, to avoid disappointment when you rock up on…

10 Destinations You Must Visit this Winter 2015

Amalfi Coast Harbor

Feeling unprompted, this winter? Do you love to travel in winter? Whether your passion some sun and fancy a trip to the stunning winter just pack your bag and explore the world.

To help you select the place we have the perfect winter destination for you and picked our top 10 winter destinations in the world. Check them out here:

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Image Sourc…

In and Amongst the Shipwrecks of Greece


Reviews of Greece and her surrounding island can often be mixed; on one side it’s a party haven for 16-20 somethings heading out for a post-exam release, whilst for others it is an enticing historical destination with tiny cafes serving food that would knock most Michelin starred places out of the water.

What we don’t hear so much about, however, is the experience of life below.


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