In and Amongst the Shipwrecks of Greece


Reviews of Greece and her surrounding island can often be mixed; on one side it’s a party haven for 16-20 somethings heading out for a post-exam release, whilst for others it is an enticing historical destination with tiny cafes serving food that would knock most Michelin starred places out of the water.

What we don’t hear so much about, however, is the experience of life below.


Caravanning And Camping Trips For The Eco-Traveller

Environmental Camping

Almost all campers already have great respect for the natural world.If you spend enough time in it it’s hard not to be amazed by its wonder and complexity, and therefore to want to preserve it. Wild camping is also one of the most environmentally activities you can engage in,the aim of which is to leave no trace whatsoever behind, however not all of us are looking to go to such extreme lengths…

Christmas Vacation Ideas

Christmas in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Christmas is the best time for vacation because it is different from any other type of vacation. Most people want to spend significant quality time with their family.  So traveling other country it the best ideas for Christmas vacation.
Here we have make 25 best places to celebrate Christmas.
1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is truly best place for Christmas celebration. You can…

Diving in Paradise – Getting Down in Bora Bora

Manta ray with scuba diver

Whilst Bora Bora fares well as a popular destination for well-traveled honeymooners, don’t let the romantic image put you off. Adventurous types, water sports enthusiasts or those just raring to get involved in a multitude of unusual water sports won’t be disappointed in this stunning location, which is secluded from the rest of the world in the middle of the dazzling South Pacific Ocean.

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