How To Choose A Good Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy

Choosing someone to travel with might seem easy – just pick your friends and family. But, seeing them casually and traveling with someone are completely different things. Having a travel buddy who is too much like yourself may not be the best idea. After all, you are stuck with yourself all day long anyway, do you really want that in stereo? Traveling with someone completely different to you…

Top 10 places of Australia


As everyone knows that between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, lies the world’s largest island and the smallest continent, Australia. This article will cover the 10 best places to visit in Australia.

This city, touted to be the most internationally acclaimed among the cities of Australia, hugs the coastline of the Northern territory. Its proximity to other countries has turned it…

Why Tunisia A Good Holiday Destination

Tunisia Map

If you love sea, sun, history and tradition Tunisia are a perfect holiday destination for you. Tunisia is a North African country where souls, medians, and mosques freckle the towns and villages, while ancient cities give way to salt lakes and citrus groves.

Imagine soft white beaches with warm Mediterranean seas surrounded by low rise luxury hotels and great restaurants looking over t…

Top Remote Destinations In India

Remote Destinations In India

India has the reputation of being one of the top leading countries in the world. It will not be wrong to say that India has some of the most exotic, colorful, eventful and popular tourist spots around the globe. India has a diversified landscape from Kashmir in the north to Kanya Kumari in the south. Among these there are many remote areas in India which are not that popular yet as a tourist…

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