Feel the Excitement of Sled Dog Racing in Siberia on a Trans-Siberian Tour

Sled Dog Racing

Sled Dog Racing

I have never had the opportunity to see dog sled racing in person but I have seen video documentaries of it. It is amazing what the Siberian huskies can do and how they are trained to pull sleds across the cold regions of Siberia. There have even been many movies made about these races and about these adorable worker dogs. They have been the life line of the peo…

Guy Fawkes and the Chinese

Chinese firework

Each year in the UK we celebrate on the 5th of November, the foiling of a plot to blow up the houses of parliament by Guy Fawkes, and other conspirators. It is a time of the year that most children love, with warm bonfires on cold nights, bobbing for apples and candy floss, as well as the many fireworks displays on offer. It does seem quite funny when you think that we celebrate trying to blow u…

Carnivals Of The World – Real Treat To The Local As Well As International Travelers

carnivals of world

Carnivals are very common in many parts of the world. They are great public celebrations consisting of music, dance, and parades in bright dresses, street parties, circus and many other things. People get ready for these carnivals and throng the streets in various parts of the world to catch a glimpse of the great extravaganza. Latin American countries are well known for their carnivals and so…

Gear Yourself for Some Awesome Spring Trips in 2014

way to Las Vegas

The chilling and freezing winters leave everything deserted and barren. With the setting of spring, nature takes a new turn altogether and decks herself up beautifully. If you are looking to enjoy nature and its beauty in full glory, spring is the right time to make a vacation. Go on a trip with your friends or take your family for the vacation and soak in nature’s bounties and beauty lik…

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