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Investment Vehicle for Accredited Investors


How a Tax-deferred 1031 Exchange into a DST can help your investment portfolio when selling your property.

When you sell your real estate assets, would you want to pay taxes on your capital gains?Of course not.

However, the IRS will take 20, up to 40%, regardless of your decision.

So, if there was a re-investment strategy that allows you to defer those taxes, and useit as leverage to acquire greater wealth, would you?

Simply stated, a 1031-exchange is a section of the IRS tax code. It allows an investor, like yourself, the ability to defer all tax-liability on your capital gains, assuming youreinvest the entire gross equity of the sale into a like-kindexchange property. Although very beneficial, there are strict guidelines that must be met to complete what is a 1031 exchange; an example being a short timelines(with no extensions)to identify and close on a 1031 exchange replacement property.

An alternative investment strategy can provide a solution to the hassles of a 1031 exchange. That solution will allow you to gain ownership to investment grade Single-Tenant, Net-Leased properties.

It’s done through a Delaware Statutory Trust. This legal entity allows investors like yourself to take a fractional ownership of creditworthy tenants that produce solid cash-flows, which are consistent and predictable.

Imagine owning a property without the hassles of management, or large management-fees. In addition, visualize a monthly passive-income check with yields much higher than a savings account, CD or government bond?Most importantly, DSTs are “flexible-equity” investments because they offer small or remainder equity solutions.

DSTscan also be used as a backup property ID for your 1031 exchange. Since we can close in less than 3 days, it almost guarantees that you will not miss deadlines. Why risk paying high taxesbecause you couldn’t find or close on another investment property in time?

You now understand that a DST:

1)                     Can save you froma capital-gains tax

2)                     Provides you with high-quality replacement “properties”

3)                     Offers “flexible-equity”

4)                     Removes the hassles of management

5)                     Produces strong yields,delivered as monthly passive-income

6)                     Serves as a back-up property ID to avoid costly deadline mistakes.

In order to take advantage, first you would need to qualify for a 1031 exchange.You can find a help an investor-direct provider of DST property investments to help facilitate you through the entire process.

Raviv Dozetas The Internals Porch




The porch is constructed of a brick base of approximately a meter in height, and  upvc windows around this rectangular brick base, with a pitched slate radiator that is fed off the gas central heating system is located inside thisconservatory. The door isa upvc unit.


A test hole is to be inserted in the roof to determine whether or not a layer of insulation was laid during the construction of the conservatory.

If none is found.A small loft hatch will need to be created in the ceiling of the conservatory toaccess the apex space and a layer of 300mm Mineral wool is to be evenly spread throughout the floor plate of the roof.

Desired result

This will limit heat loss from the conservatory, it will further create a cushion of warm air inside the conservatory to repel any loss of warm air from the inner home into the conservatory. Also the conservatory will act as a ‘decompression chamber’ between the warm home and the colder outside temperatures.

Entrance hall


The entrance has a wet patch on left hand side on entry, this is creating a cold bridge, from the penetrating moisture, and from a thermal view point will be cooling the house.


The source of the water ingress here is lack of sufficient drainage, and capillary rising action of the water.

Stop water ingress by creating sufficient drainage outside and re pointing with chemical treated cement or silicone system to water proof and block rising action.

Internal walls

18-25 % of heat loss can occur through walls, the current construction of the walls will allow this range of heat loss, and a fabric first approach to this retro fit will require some form of insulation.

Two types of wall insulation are recommended here.

Internal insulation

This process involves installing insulation on the inside of the property, generally the profile consists of 2-5 inches of a mineral wool and or foam boards that are covered with a decretive finish that can be plastered or papered to match the inside of the house.

Advantages of internal insulation

Cheaper than external insulation

Easier and cheaper to install –can be installed one wall at a time


Intelligent vapour control layer should be installed, to tackle the loss of breathability of building fabric

A single nail driven by residents can disturb the system.

External insulation

This process involves attaching the insulation materials to the outside of the home, encasing and enveloping heat inside, generally the insulation material is attached to the outside brick or masonry face, the foam insulation board is then covered over, however in this scenario a host of external finishes are available from custom brick finishes to rain screens, thus potentially making this a perfect choice to compliment the environmental protection policy an example of this would be in the form of a skin of Victorian brick finish in the same colour and dimensions as original brick.


Improves weather protection

Provides noise insulation

It’s easier to take care of thermal bridges such as exposed concrete frame or window sill

Preserves the value of the thermal mass of the walls in regulating temperature inside


If there is not sufficient roof overhang, the top of the extended wall must be sloped, weatherproofed, and guttering fitted

May need planning permission – ask the planning department (conservation area)

Downpipes and other projections, or service entry points, must be dealt with

The damp proof course and window trickle vents must not be covered

(, 2016)

How to Care for Leather Products


There are thousands of leather products available for just about any taste or function, but ostrich leather products are increasingly considered to be among the highest-status, highly desired leather items. While it is viewed by many as exotic leather, ostrich is increasingly popular in the fashion world and brings quality and beauty to the items made from it.

there may be a different type of leather used for the handle, or it may include a cover for this area. Even if no care is taken in this area, this can be considered to be natural wear and tear over time, as you would expect with any leather items. Many ostrich leather products are packaged in a small bag when you received it. Hint: Keep that bag and use it as a storage bag when necessary.

Most mens messenger bags leather products are easy to maintain and clean and just like most other leather products, when it comes to caring for Ostrich leather you should ensure that you are not using any chemicals or abrasive products that might come in contact with the Leather as a general characteristic is very porous and will soak up any liquids that spill on it so timing in removing any spillage is important.

Some items made from Ostrich leather are more exposed to the harshness of the environment than others. For example, a pair of ostrich leather boots will need cleaning more regularly and more thorough care than a wallet or mobile phone case. For heavy use items made from ostrich leather, only approved and tested cleaning products should be used.

Trust And Estate Attorney: 4 Things You Need To When Hiring Pros


I get it.

It is hard admitting that one day you will face your mortality.

The quickest route can be to bury your head in the sand until the day you are on your deathbed.

But it will be too late. You won’t have the time to pull the extensive estate planning in order.

This is the right time for you to find a trust and estate attorney.

The question is….. Why would you need one?

Simply put: If you are the kind of person who wouldn’t want you legacy to be destroyed. But that is not all. You may also want to avoid probate or save taxes. More is involved in this, not just your finality in life.

The big problem.

Not every lawyer is qualified for this task, and not all have a real understanding of what is involved.

The Ultimate Solution

This article will give you four fundamental principles you need to sift and select the best man for your trust and estate planning. Here is the checklist.

#4: Website (How This Is Crucial).

We are living in the information age. Every competent professional needs to have a website to tell us exactly what they do. A website will give more details about the services the lawyers or law firm offers.

By just reading the website services page, you will  have an idea of whether the attorney will meet your services or not.

Pro Tip: Never hire a lawyer who doesn’t have a website. At least if you are leaving in the developed countries.

#3: Certification And Credentials (Sneaky Way To Find Out If He or She Is A Hardcore In This)

Every state has a clear guideline on how to give out trust and estate certification to attorneys. Certification in this field doesn’t come quickly; they have to be earned.

Before hiring one, you may need to know if they have a professional certification apart from LLM degree.

LLM degree is an advanced degree in law. If they have a certification apart from LLM degree, it will be an added advantage.

#2: What To Expect At The First Meeting

By now you have done two things:

You have seen they have a site.

You have seen they have the relevant qualification.

The next step is to book an appointment with them. In your first meeting, you expect the lawyer to tell you certain things to build your confidence.

The first meeting is for you to get to know the lawyer. The lawyer should be able to offer you the education on what he or she does.

Also, the lawyer should be able to give his or her brochure so that you can learn more about his practice. Here is also where you get the chance to ask questions about how many client he has served? How long they have been in business? Or you can ask him whether it is possible to talk to his customers. If he can permit them, he is a good lawyer.

The lawyer may also present you with a 5 to 6 or even 40 pages to help you identify your goals and priorities for the trust.

#1: Know What You’re In for It-4 Types of Trusts You Need to Know.

Before jumping into the wagon of trusts and estate you need to have a clear goal of what you want.

As I have said, trusts and estate are not meant for finality in life. There are other things that you can accomplish with it. Depending on your goals, here are the 4 types of trust you need to be aware of so that you make an informed decision.

  • Living Trust- This is the process of creating a trust and it becomes active from day one.
  • Testamentary Trust- unlike the Living trust, this trust only becomes active after your death. And they are funded only after your death
  • Revocable Trust- This type of trust ensures that you have absolute control of your entire estate. Here you are the trustee; you decide who to allocate, what and where to move your assets. Most people put their savings, property and financial accounts into a revocable trust.
  • Irrevocable Trust- He is where you put the administration of your entire estate to someone else. It can be a family member, friends, or an institution like a bank. With this type of trust, you need to be careful because you are like giving up the ownership of your asset to someone else.

Trusts and estate planning involve a lot of details, which some of them are not discussed in this article. But, we are not leaving you in the dark. That is why we have a website called This site is jam-packed with every conceivable question and topics that you may need to learn about Trust and Estate Attorney.

5 Best Tourist Attractions in Istanbul


Formerly serving as the capital of Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, Istanbul is currently the largest city in Turkey, and one of the largest worldwide. This city stretches across a narrow strait which links Asia and Europe, thus making it the only city in the whole world spanning two continents.

The city’s memorable past leaves behind a rich legacy of mosques, churches, museums and palaces, among other tourist attractions. Below are some Istanbul’s top tourist attractions.

Blue Mosque


  • The Blue Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 and is one among the handful of mosques in the world to boast six minarets.
  • The mosque got its name from its beautiful interior decoration of tens of thousands of Iznik tiles.
  • The whole spatial and color effect of the mosque’s interior makes it one of the finest achievements of Ottoman architecture.

Hagia Sophia


  • From the outside, Hagia Sophia may look overwhelmingly big; however the real attraction of this Istanbul landmark is the architectural intellect inside the ruined Byzantine building.
  • Constructed in 360 as an orthodox church, Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque in 1453, and then into a museum in 1935.
  • Large Islamic engravings adorn the top of all stone columns whereas copious amounts of natural light stream through 40 windows.
  • The Hagia Sophia is a leading example of Byzantine architecture and due to the additions made to its structure over the years; it has become one of Istanbul’s most iconic buildings.

Grand Bazaar

photo credit Focus Kpture
photo credit Focus Kpture
  • Also known as Kapali Carsi, the Grand Bazaar has been a shopper’s Mecca since right after the mid-15th century.
  • The Grand Bazaar is one among the largest covered markets worldwide with its four thousand, four hundred shops and three thousand firms, some seventeen separate inns for particular type of products, sixty four streets, four fountains, two mosques and twenty two gates.
  • It is a real paradise for shoppers and a great opportunity for people to discover the Turkish hospitality.

Topkapi Palace


  • Topkapi Palace was once the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire from 1465 to 1853.
  • The palace is situated on the Seraglio Point between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara in Istanbul, having a fine view of Bosphorus
  • It consists of numerous smaller buildings built together and surrounded by four courts.
  • The décor and architecture is not as impressive as the other palaces in Istanbul, but it still has · Also on display is Muhammad’s sword and cloak, the most essential relics of the Islamic world.

Maiden’s Tower


  • This tower stands in the midst of Bosphorus where the two continents Asia and Europe meet.
  • According to Turkish legend, a princess was locked in this tower to protect her from being bitten by a snake.
  • Over the years, this tower has been used as a lighthouse, customs station, and a resident for the retired officers.
  • More recently, the tower featured in the 1999 Bond film “The World is not Enough”.